Bring Something “Unexpected” To Your Walls

With COVID-19 entering our lives there have been a lot of UNEXPECTED and unwelcome surprises.

  • You may be unexpectedly home schooling your kids.
  • You may be unexpectedly out of work.
  • You may be unexpectedly wondering when this will all pass.

My painting, Unexpected, serves as a reminder that not all things Unexpected are unwelcome. On the contrary, life is full of wonderful surprises.

I would like to surprise all of you with a chance to own “Unexpected” at a price you can afford. How do I know that? I’m letting you name the price!

This is a large acrylic on canvas painting — measuring 36″ by 36″ — is adorned with strings of beads.


Send an email to me to me at with the amount of your bid by 6PM (EST) on Friday, March 27, 2020. The painting will go to the highest bidder!

Stay strong and positive, my friends!

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